Mombay was created with the dream of bringing Happy Homes to all.

Home is the space which has the power to nurture and heal. It is the space where we unwind, spend our most cherished moments with family and friends, relax our mind and body. And yet sometimes, this is the space which we leave unattended – not reflecting our true inner selves.

Sometimes, it is because of the effort required to plan everything – the design, color, material, size, functionality, space planning - to envision everything together can be a very challenging task for most of us.

Other times, our choices are limited by the availability.

At Mombay, we ease these buying decisions for our customers, by bringing together expert guidance and technology. Our catalog includes products from brands, retailers and manufacturers from width and length of the country– to offer the most relevant and curated set of products to our clients.

We also strongly believe in buying right. Home products are expected to be durable and long lasting. Finding the right piece not just brings delight but also prevents us from experimenting – lesser wastage and more sustainable option.

We are transforming the way India shops for its home.